Job Postings and Classifieds

Published March 29, 2018

First United Methodist Church of Opelika, Alabama, is seeking a full time Church Administrator.  This vibrant congregation in the heart of historic downtown seeks a leader to coordinate the day-to-day operations of the church.  The administrator will supervise the administrative staff, while developing and implementing policies and procedures that allow other ministries of the church to thrive. This person will work closely with the Senior Pastor and the entire staff to see that the church is living its mission, "Making Lifetime Followers of Jesus Christ."
Send a resume with three references to  The job description can be found at the church website


Published March 22, 2018

Park Memorial United Methodist Church of Troy, Alabama, is seeking a full time church administrative assistant. We are seeking a mature Christian of high energy who is able to work independently and confidentially to provide administrative and bookkeeping support to the church.  Must have experience with all Microsoft Office applications – Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Outlook.  Experience with QuickBooks or other accounting software desired.
Position Summary:

  • Create all print materials – weekly worship bulletins, monthly newsletters, flyers, etc.
  • Maintain social media and advertising materials – website, Facebook, billboards, newspaper
  • Maintain membership database and church calendar
  • Answer incoming calls and receive guests
  • Responsible for accounts payable and collecting and submitting payroll data, posting deposits and preparing reports
  • Provide administrative support for ministry staff and committees
  • Position reports to Sr. Pastor

If interested in this position, please send letter of inquiry and resume to: 
Rev. Danny Arnold
Park Memorial United Methodist Church
P.O. Box 1291
Troy, AL 36081


Published February 8, 2018

Prattville First United Methodist Church is currently seeking a Part-Time Director of Contemporary Worship. This position includes primary musical leadership in The Well Worship Service* on Sunday mornings, Harbor Youth Worship on Wednesday nights, rehearsal with both worship teams, recruiting and encouraging musicians, working with the church Worship Planning Team, and overseeing the growth and development of the worship intern. This calling is suited for an individual with a diverse skill set and a passion to engage God’s people in their context in order to lead them into deeper worship. 

This position will require a 29 hour work week with a yearly salary of $22,000.00 - $25,000.00, DOE.  Interested candidates should email their resume to Pastor Drew Willis at  DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING RESUMES IS FEBRUARY 28, 2018. 

The Well is a casual contemporary worship service that strives to create an intimate atmosphere where people can connect with God and one another. We seek to embed contemporary music, conversational preaching, and modern language, within the context of ancient worship practices with an emphasis on the sacraments that convey God’s grace to us.


Published February 1, 2018

Boyslton UMC has two upright pianos and 40 United Methodist hymnals  to give away.  Call Ashley at the district office if you are interested at 334-239-7329.  


Published January 16, 2018

Wesley Memorial UMC located at 2506 Marvyn Parkway Opelika, Alabama, has two job openings. 

  1. Part- time Youth Minister
  2. Part- time Children’s  Minister. 

Please e-mail for more information.  


Published January 2, 2018

The Staff Parish Relations Committee of Whitfield Memorial UMC is presently seeking interviews for the position of Administrative Assistant. The candidate should be familiar with the United Methodist structure; skilled in Windows 10 programming; amicable; and willing to adapt to various tasks.  This position is thirty-two hours each week with hourly compensation.   Resumes may be forwarded to the church address:  2673 Fisk Road, Montgomery, AL 36111; to the attention of Elaine Klepac, Dave Ford, or Martha Lee. 


Millbrook First UMC is seeking a Financial Administrator

Supervisor:  Senior Pastor

Processes offerings and donations

• Retrieves night deposit bag from the bank

• Balances and posts individual contribution accounts

• Ensures that all cash counted by Sunday Counters balance

• Separates all checks by designated categories

• Posts to each contributors giving record

• Reviews emails for contributors who utilize direct deposits 

• Posts direct deposits to individual contribution records

• Prepares deposit for the bank

• Prepares deposit for the bank making sure that cash balances 

• Ensures that the listing of checks balances


Manages church finances

• Understands cash flow for church financials

• Reviews all outstanding bills or payroll to be paid ensuring that deposits and balance covers these items

• Prepares and prints all checks for mailing

• Ensures that all checks that are not standard monthly bills have an appropriate form filled out before printing checks

• Reviews information on bills to determine category of budget to debit before printing checks

• Prepares and files all bi-weekly and monthly payroll taxes

• Prepares Excel worksheet for bi-weekly taxes

• Posts State and Federal taxes to be paid electronically to appropriate website

• Posts entries for the bi-weekly and monthly taxes

• Prepares annual budget for approval by Church Council

• Provides budgetary worksheets to various church ministries for use in preparing annual budget

• Collects and collates budget information for use by finance committee



• Prints all weekly, monthly, and quarterly and annually reports

• Prints weekly Trial Balance Sheet

• Prints all reports to be used at monthly meetings as requested

• Prints a Trial Balance for Year end


Church Membership & Attendance

• Maintains reports of church membership

• Adds all new members to church membership

• Deletes all deceased members from church membership

• Transfers information of members that move their membership to another church

• Prepares and posts all weekly Sunday School and Worship attendance

• Posts attendance weekly for all Sunday School classes

• Posts attendance weekly for worship services

• Prints Sunday School marking sheet for the coming Sunday 

• Attends Church Council Meetings

• Attends Finance Committee Meetings

• Attends weekly staff meetings

Any others duties as assigned and requested


Published November 14, 2017

Wetumpka First UMC is seeking a Director of Youth Ministry. The Director of Youth Ministry is responsible for developing, coordinating and supervising a comprehensive, educational and spiritual growth program for the youth of the church.  This includes encouraging and commitment to Christ and the Church and for helping youth develop skills which will enable them to become involved in the ministry of God’s people.  Specifically, the Director of Youth Ministry is responsible for and training volunteers to assist in this ministry.  Contact Matt Albrittion at or 334-399-7091 for more information.

Reporting Relationship

The Director of Youth Ministry reports directly to the Senior Minister and is responsible to the Staff Parrish Relations Committee.  Additionally, the Director of Youth Ministry is expected to work and coordinate with the Work Area on Education, the Youth Council and the Administrative Board.


Skills Required

  1. The Director of Youth Ministry is expected to have prior experience working with youth and in coordinating youth’s programs.  The Director of Youth Ministry should have training and a background in the field of youth education.
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry must have a heart for youth and enthusiastically pursue the hearts of the youth and enjoy spending time with them.
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry must have a strong leadership capability and ability to command respect from a group of youth.
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry must possess good communication skills not only with the youth but with parents and the entire congregation of FUMC Wetumpka.
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry must have an acceptable knowledge of the curriculum which will be used in the Youth Ministry.  This requirement includes the ability to teach biblically based lessons.
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry must have a strong skills in the area of organization and administrative planning.

Specific Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Must meet and follow all provisions set forth in the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manuel adopted in August 2008, which may be amended.  This manual describes the responsibilities and requirements for all employees of FUMC Wetumpka.  The Director of Youth Ministry, prior to being hired, must submit to and pass and appropriate background check.
  1. You are expected to fully understand and implement the FUMC Wetumpka Safe Sanctuaries Policies adopted in November 2008, which may be amended.
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry is expected to actively recruit members for the Youth Ministry.  In addition to seeking potential new members, you are expected to maintain close contact with current members of the Youth Ministry through home visits, telephone calls electronic communications, etc., and to have an acceptable follow-up program in the case of the persistent absence of any member of the Youth Ministry.
  1. You are expected to have a flexible schedule to accommodate any changes which might be necessary to meet the needs of the youth of FUMC Wetumpka.
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry is expected to schedule, plan, coordinate and supervise new and ongoing programs for the youth of FUMC Wetumpka.  This includes activities on Wednesday night, Sunday night and on at least some week days during the summer months.  Additionally, you shall have input into the curriculum for Youth Sunday School Classes, along with teachers of those classes. 
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry is responsible for working with the Chairperson of the Work Area on Education and the Sunday School Superintendent in securing teachers and substitute teachers for all of the church’s Sunday School classes.
  1. You are responsible for coordinating, planning and supervising off campus events, trips and retreats so as to enrich the church and increase their enjoyment in being members of the Youth Ministry.  This responsibility includes securing and training volunteers, as may be necessary to assist in said events.
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry must establish a visible presence in the community.  This will involve attending various local schools to eat lunch with and visit with members of the Youth Ministry.  It also will involve periodically attending various non-church activities of all members of the Youth Ministry, including but not limited to, ball games dance recitals, piano recitals, performances, etc.
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry must understand that the above list is not all-inclusive and that additional duties may be imposed by the Senior Minister or the Staff Parrish Relations Committee where necessary to increase the enrichment of the youth of FUMC Wetumpka.

Continuing Education

  1. The Director of Youth Ministry is expected to participate in a reasonable number of seminars and workshop to remain current in information related to directing a Youth Ministry.
  1. You are expected to remain in contact with others similarly employed at other United Methodist Churches in the vicinity and churches of other Christian denominations for the possibility of coordinating programs on occasion.  The Director of Youth Ministry is also expected to observe the operations of other Youth Ministries in the vicinity so as to always be aware of possibilities for the improvement of our program.
  1. The initial salary for this position shall be in the range of $35,000 to $50,000 annually.  Initial salary shall be based upon ability and experience.  The salary of the Director of Youth Ministry will be reviewed by the Staff Parrish Relations Committee on an annual basis.
  1. FUMC of Wetumpka does not provide a housing allowance, medical insurance or retirement benefits for the Director of Youth Ministry.  Vacation is allowed as set forth in the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry is a full time employee and is expected to maintain regular office hours based upon a schedule to be determined by the Senior Minister and approved by the Staff Parrish Relations Committee.  It is anticipated that the average work week for this position will involve approximately 32 hours, however, the actual number of hours involved in any particular work week may vary significantly depending upon the season of the year and any special activities which may be scheduled.
  1. The Director of Youth Ministry shall be provided with an Annual Expense Account in a minimum amount of $1,000.  The actual amount of this Annual Expense Account may be increased from year-to-year as deemed necessary by the Church to adjust for inflation and other relevant circumstances.  This purpose of the Annual Expense Account is for the use of the Director of Youth Ministry to meet the expense associated with the purchase of supplies to be used in the Youth Ministry.

Date of Adoption This job description was adopted by the Staff Parish Relations Committee of FUMC Wetumpka in 2014.


Published October 31, 2017

Mulder Memorial UMC is looking for a student minister who can implement our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ through helping students (ages 6th-12th grade) connect with God, grow in Christ, and serve others. Mulder is a vibrant congregation in the Redland community of Elmore County with an average worship attendance of 450 in two contemporary services and one casual traditional service. Mulder also has a mission campus in a trailer park in nearby Wetumpka. Approximately 80 students are involved in student ministry. Mulder is looking for a visionary ministry leader who can equip students to serve on mission with Christ in this community and beyond. Contact for more information.


Published October 26, 2017

Beulah United Methodist Church is looking for a part-time pianist.
Beulah UMC is a growing church in Valley, Alabama (30 minutes from Auburn; 35 minutes from Columbus).  With an average congregation size of about 60 on a Sunday, we have a wide variety of ages in attendance at our weekly traditional worship service.  We are looking for a pianist to accompany the choir and congregational hymn singing during worship, in addition to providing music for other parts of the service.  The pianist will also play for special services, such as those during Holy Week.  Choir rehearsals are at 6:30 p. m. ET on Wednesdays, and Worship is at 11:00 a. m.  ET on Sundays.  Salary is $6,000-$6,500/year, based on experience.
Please submit a cover letter; resume, including piano and accompaniment experience; and three references, at least one of which is professional, to Rev. Katrina Paxson at We will begin reviewing applications on October 29.


Published October 20, 2017

ISO: Tuskegee First UMC is looking for a set of used paraments.  If you have a set that you would like to donate please call or email Elizabeth Whatley at or call 334-524-0080.  


Published October 3, 2017

Beulah UMC is seeking an  Administrative Assistant. Beulah UMC is a growing church in Valley, Alabama (30 minutes from Auburn; 35 minutes from Columbus).  With an average congregation size of about 60 on a Sunday, we have a wide variety of ages in attendance at our weekly traditional worship service. The primary role of this person will be to keep the financial books of the church.  This role will include depositing funds into the bank, keeping records, preparing reports, and acknowledging contributions.  This person will also provide office support, including creating bulletins, answering phones, preparing the church for Sunday worship, and coordinating with outside groups. 
This person should have experience in finance/accounting, and be proficient at using the Microsoft Office Suite.  Strict confidentiality is required. 
The position will be approximately 16 hours/week with a salary of $7,500-$9,000/year, depending on experience.
Please submit a cover letter; resume, including experience in similar positions; and three references, at least one of which is professional, to Rev. Katrina Paxson at  We will begin reviewing applications on October 14.


Published September 28, 2017

Dalraida United Methodist Church is seeking a qualified candidate for the part-time position of Director of Children’s Ministry. Interested applicants will possess a strong Christian background and have experience nurturing children in a learning environment. 

They will also be capable of creating/following a curriculum, developing a team of volunteers, and demonstrate passion in service. The Director of Children’s Ministry will work closely with the pastor, Leadership Board, other staff members, as well as parents, to ensure that the Mission and Vision of the Church is upheld.

Interested persons should submit a letter of interest and resume to  Please call our church office at (334) 272-2190 for more information.


Published August 28, 2017

ISO: Pine Apple UMC is looking for twenty-five copies of the hymnal Soul Stirring Hymns and Songs published in 1972 by Sword of the Lord.They have been unable to locate that particular publication year. If you can help, please contact Joyce Wall at